what is net force?

Asked by suvrat sharma | 17th Sep, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

net forceFnet = F1 + F2 + … (also known as a resultant force) is a vector produced when two or more forces { F1F2, … } act upon a single object. It is calculated by vector additionof the force vectors acting upon the object. A net force can also be defined as the overall force acting on an object.
Case 1. When force A and force B act on an object in the same direction (parallel vectors), the net force (C) is equal to A + B, in the direction that both A and B point
Case 2: When force A and force B act on an object in opposite directions (180 degrees between then - anti-parallel vectors), the net force (C) is equal to |A - B|, in the direction of whichever one has greater absolute value
Case 3: When the angle between the forces is anything else, then the component forces must be added up using the parallelogram rule.

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