What is meant by polar compound?How can we identify them on the basis of their molecular formula or other formula?

Asked by mbs7827 | 21st Oct, 2015, 11:05: AM

Expert Answer:

Polar compounds are mostly ionic compound.
In these compounds, the bonding atoms have large difference in their electronegativities. Hence, one atom has a positive charge and the other carries negative charge which induces polarity in the molecule.
Polar molecules can be identified from the type of bonding atoms in the structural formula of the molecule. If the bonding atoms contains one highly electropositive and the other is highly electronegative then the molecule is polar molecule.
For example: NaCl molecule. Sodium is highly electropositive while chlorine is highly electronegative. Hence, it is a polar molecule.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 23rd Oct, 2015, 10:03: AM