what is meant by limit of resolution ,and how much is it for normal human eye?

Asked by sruthisreenivasan | 24th Feb, 2011, 01:47: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
The minimum distance or angular separation between two point objects which allows them to be resolved according to the Rayleigh criterion. 
As a small object is moved closer to a human eye it appears larger with more detail because it is filling more of the light sensors in the eyes retina. The human eye has maximum resolution when an object is viewed as close to the eye as possible before it goes out of focus. This point is called the NEAR POINT or the POINT OF MOST DISTINCT VISION. This point is about 25 centimeters (10inches) from the typical unaided human eye and the angular resolution of the eye at this point is about 1/60 degree (.0167 degree). This is equivalent to being able to resolve two fine human hairs spaced one hair width apart when placed at the point of most distinct vision .
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Answered by  | 28th Feb, 2011, 12:23: PM

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