what is meant by energy crisis? 
suggest 2-3 steps to overcome it.

Asked by Bhumika Manocha | 15th Aug, 2014, 10:24: PM

Expert Answer:

Energy Conservation is of great importance to all of us, since we rely on energy for everything we do. Thoughtless use of energy has resulted in a depletion of available natural resources of energy and also their consumption at a fast rate has caused serious environmental effect like global warming. Energy supplies are limited and if not used wisely, the day would not be far when the available resources of energy would reach the state of exhaution. This state is refered to as 'energy crisis'.

Steps to overcome it:

(i) Instead of fossil fuels, other renewable sources of energy such as the biogas prepared from animal dung should be used.

(ii) The use of hydro-electric energy, wind energy etc. should be given priority.

(iii) Use of energy friendly devices should be encouraged.

Answered by Sheetal Jalan | 18th Aug, 2014, 01:08: AM

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