What is meant by crossed electric and magnetic fields? Under what condition a charged particle entering a crossed electric and magnetic fields passes undeflected?

Asked by vinitapahel123 | 12th Dec, 2015, 04:51: PM

Expert Answer:

The term "crossed electric nd magnetic fields" means that the electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to each other.
The force on a particle in electric and magnetic field is the Lorentz force given as F = q (E + v×B)
Now, when the particle is to travel in a straight line then the electric force should balance the magnetic force.
E = vB
v = E/B
Hence, if the particle is travelling with initial velocity equal to E/B, then it will emerge undeflected.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 13th Dec, 2015, 11:17: AM