what is meant by "charactristic colour of flame".

Asked by ashwinikumar59 | 24th Sep, 2010, 10:12: AM

Expert Answer:

 The loosely bounde electrons which present in valency shell are excited to higher energy levels, after some time they will come back to ground state by emiiting radiation which falls under visible region gives colour. 

When the electrons in the atom are excited, for example by being heated, the additional energy pushes the electrons to higher energy orbits. When the electrons fall back down and leave the excited state, energy is re-emitted in the form of a photon. The wavelength (or, equivalently, frequency) of the photon is determined by the difference in energy between the two states. These emitted photons form the element's emission spectrum.

The fact that only certain colors appear in an element's atomic emission spectrum means that only certain frequencies of light are emitted.

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