what is law of quatization of energy .Explain??(2 marks).....

Asked by sai | 20th Mar, 2014, 07:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Energy comes in certain packages which cannot be subdivided into smaller units called 'quanta'.
'quantum' means small packets of energy.
Quantisation of energy means that energy can have only certain discrete values rather than continuous values.
For example .The energy of ??electromagnetic radiation such as light at a given frequency must be an integral multiple of planck's constant(h).
E = nhν  where n is the integers.(Law of quantisation of energy)
This implies that energy can take only discrete values.Electromagnetic energy is thus inheretly quantized(in this case,photons are the quanta of energy).Rather than continuous waves light was coming in packets of energy.Distinct orbitals of electrons in an atom are also a case of quantized energy.

Answered by  | 21st Mar, 2014, 10:14: AM

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