What is Kirchhoff's first law, Kirchhoff's point rule, Kirchhoff's junction rule (or nodal rule), and Kirchhoff's first rule?

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Kirchhoff’s first law
Kirchhoff's current rule states that the algebraic sum of the currents meeting at a junction in a closed circuit is zero.
Kirchhoff’s junction rule or point rule.
The current entering the junction is equal to the current leaving that junction.
Consider a junction O in an electrical circuit at which 5 conductors meets.
If I1, I2 , I3 , I4 , I5 be the currents flowing through them then according to the Kirchhoff's Law,
(-I1) + (-I2) +  I3 + (-I4) +  I5 = 0
-I1 + -I2 +  I3 -  I4 +  I5 = 0

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