What is inertia of motion

Asked by vatsalyaagnihotri | 3rd Aug, 2015, 11:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Inertia of motion: If a body is in a state of motion, then it will continue to move at the same speed in the same direction unless an external force is applied to change its state.

 Examples of inertia of motion in daily life:

  1. When seated on a motorcycle and the motorcyclist suddenly applies brakes, we get a push in the forward direction. This is because we were in motion, and inertia tends to oppose the change in our state.
  2. When a person jumps out of a moving bus, he tends to move ahead or fall down. This is because he was in motion. On jumping, his feet touch the ground but the rest of the body still tends to remain in motion.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 4th Aug, 2015, 07:05: AM