what is important during spitting the middle term...???

Asked by harshita joshi | 11th Feb, 2014, 10:14: PM

Expert Answer:

To factorize the quadratic polynomial ax2 + bx + c, following are the steps:

             Step 1: Find the product ac.

            Step 2: Find the factors of ac that add to up to b, using the following criteria:

(i)    If ac>0 and b>0, then both factors are positive

(ii)   If ac>0 and b<0, then both factors are negative

(iii)  If ac<0 and b>0, then larger factor is positive and smaller factor is negative.

(iv) If ac<0 and b<0, then larger factor is negative and smaller factor is positive

            Step 3: Split the middle term into two parts using the factors obtained in the above step.

            Step 4: Factorise the quadratic equation obtained in the above step by grouping method. Two factors will be obtained.

            Step 5: Put the linear factors equal to zero to get the value of x.


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