what is hybridization

Asked by Mukesh Kumar Mahto | 10th Oct, 2010, 08:07: AM

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Hybridisation is a phenomenon in which atomic orbitals having nearly similar energy redistribute their energy to form equal number of molecular orbitals(of equal energy) .The formed orbitals are called hybrid orbitals and the intermixing of atomic orbitals is known as hybridisation.

These hybrid orbitals have minimum repulsion between their electron pairs and thus, are more stable. Hybridization helps to indicate the geometry of the molecule.

Hybrid orbitals are named by considering the type and number of atomic orbitals from which they arose.

For example, one 2s-orbital hybridizes with two 2p-orbitals of carbon to form three new sp2 hybrid orbitals, or one 2s-orbital hybridizes with three 2p-orbitals of carbon to form three new sp3 hybrid orbitals.   

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