what is gravitational lensing and how is it used to find black holes and after a body is disintegrated in a black hole will the black hole use the energy for itself?? how near is a black hole to the earth?? and do aliens and U.F.O's really exist

Asked by rajarambhoote | 28th Nov, 2017, 12:01: PM

Expert Answer:

Gravitational lensing occurs when large bodies like stars and clusters of mass distort the spacetime.
This distortion causes the light to bend when it passes through it. 
In the same way, blackhole has enormous mass and we can see stars which are behind the blackhole this is
because light reaches us following a bent path due to the intense gravitational field of a black hole.
Mass of disintegrated body will be added to the mass of blackhole and can also be converted to energy.
blackhole which is nearest one is "V616 Monocerotis" about 3000 light years from earth
Till now there is no confirmed information on the existence of Aliens and UFO.

Answered by Gajendra | 7th Dec, 2017, 02:43: PM