what is ganga action plain

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Expert Answer:

Ganga Action Plan

  • The water of River Ganga which is considered holy by many Indians was found to be polluted with domestic and industrial wastes.
  • The major pollutants which contaminated the water of River Ganga were sewage from cities and towns located on its banks, untreated effluents from industries, runoff from chemical fertilisers and pesticides used in agriculture.
  • Solid wastes, including animal carcasses and even human corpses, were dumped into its waters every day.
  • In 1986, the Ganga Action Plan was launched to clean the River Ganga.
  • The main objectives of the plan were to improve the quality of water, make it potable and provide safe bathing along the river.
  • The objectives of the Ganga Action Plan were achieved by intercepting and diverting waste water to sewage treatment plants instead of letting it flow directly into the river.
  • Emphasis was laid on public participation and creating public awareness to keep the River Ganga clean.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 2nd Mar, 2015, 11:06: AM

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