What is fuse


Asked by arpitpandey9503 | 5th Feb, 2021, 08:48: PM

Expert Answer:

The fuse is a device which is in the form of wire and used in an electrical circuit for protecting electrical
devices against overloads and short circuit.  The fuse element is made of the highly selected metal conductor.
The main function of the fuse of the element is to allow the normal current to flows through the fuse and
break the circuit when the high magnitude current passes through it.

The working of the fuse depends on the heating effect of the current. In normal operating condition,

 the normal current passes through the fuse. The heat develops in the fuse element because of the normal current

and this heat is dissipated by the help of the surrounding air. Thus, the temperature of the fuse is kept below the melting point.

When the fault occurs the short circuit current passes through the fuse element. The magnitude of the current

is much high as compared to the normal current. The short circuit current generates excessive heat in the fuse element.

Thereby, the element becomes melts and break. In this way . fuse protects the machine or apparatus from short circuit or overload current.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 5th Feb, 2021, 10:30: PM

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