What is force and pressure write a brief note on this question

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Force: - 
Force is a push or a pull on an object.
 It changes or tends to change the state of rest or the state of motion of an object by a push or pull.
 It cannot be seen,but its effect can be seen or felt. It is caused by an interaction.
 Ainteraction of one object with another object produces a force between the two objects.
The forces acting on an object in the same direction add to each other.
If the forces acting on an object are in opposite directions, then the net force acting on it is the difference between the two forces.
The SI unit of force is Newton (N). 
A force can change the state of motion, speed, direction of an object.
A force can change the shape and size of the object.
Pressure: - 
Pressure is the force acting on per unit area in the direction perpendicular to the surface of an object.
It is also defined as the thrust acting per unit area.
It is given as, 
P r e s s u r e space equals space fraction numerator F o r c e over denominator A r e a end fraction space equals space F over A

S I space u n i t space o f space P r e s s u r e space i s space P a s c a l space left parenthesis P a right parenthesis. space
P a s c a l space c a n space a l s o space b e space w r i t e e n space a s space N divided by m squared 
Liquids and gasesexert pressure on the walls of the vessel.
Air exerts pressure on all the objects and it is called the atmospheric pressure.
A liquid exerts pressure on the base of the container (vessel) and on all the bodies immersed in them due to its weight.
Liquid pressure= Weight density × Depth

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