What is element ? Explain brefly

Asked by purnapadhan72 | 26th Jul, 2017, 02:26: PM

Expert Answer:

An element is a pure substance composed of only one kind of atom. Examples: C, H, O, Na, Ca, N etc.

An element cannot be broken down into two or more simple substances by any physical or chemical means.

Characteristics of an element

  1. An element is made up of only one kind of atom.
  2. An element is a pure and homogeneous substance.
  3. An element has fixed melting and boiling points.
  4. An atom is the smallest particle of an element which takes part in a chemical reaction.
  5. An element may chemically react with another element or compound.
  6. An element can occur in the solid, liquid or gaseous state.

The molecules are made up of one or more atoms of the same or different elements.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 26th Jul, 2017, 04:26: PM

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