what is dsp2 hybridisation. give some examples with their structure.how is it different from sp3.

Asked by ashwinikumar59 | 5th Sep, 2010, 07:24: PM

Expert Answer:

dsp2 type of hybridization is seen specially in case of transition metal ions.
The orbitals involved in this type of Hybridization are dx2- y2, s and two p.
 The four dsp2 hybrid orbitals adopt square planar geometry
The complex ion [Ni(CN)4]2- involves dsp2 Hybridization
If the compound undergoes reaction with strong ligand than dsp2, dsp3,d2sp3 hybridization occurs.

If the compound undergoes reaction with weak ligand than sp3, sp3d, sp3d2 hybridization occurs

Answered by  | 6th Sep, 2010, 09:57: AM

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