What is difference between melting and buring of wax

Asked by himanih100 | 13th Sep, 2021, 12:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Melting of wax is a physical change. By heating , solid phase of wax becomes liquid phase .
The process of melting of wax is reversible. If the wax in liquid state is cooled , then it becomes solid wax.
Burning of wax is chemical change . Wax material is made up of hydrocarbon .
While burning the wax,  hydrocarbon molecules are undergoing chemical reaction that changes hydrocarbon molecules
to be converted into Carbon-di-oxide and water vapour. This is an oxidation reaction.
The process of burning wax, which is a chemical change is irreversible.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 13th Sep, 2021, 04:49: PM