what is difference between emf and terminal potential difference and why during recharging current flows from negative terminal to positive terminal of the battery and can u explain the battery's inert mechanism with 3D visuals and explain it please?

Asked by Gaurav Avhad | 20th Jun, 2011, 02:51: AM

Expert Answer:

emf and potential difference are two different quantities whose magnitude may be equal in certain conditions. The emf is the work done per unit charge by the battery force which is non-electrostatic in nature. The potential difference originates from electrostatic field created by the charges accumulated on the terminals of the battery.
In a recharging battery, or an electrolytic cell, the anode is the positive terminal, which receives current from an external generator. The current through a recharging battery is opposite to the direction of current during discharge; In other words, the electrode which was the cathode during battery discharge becomes the anode while the battery is recharging.

Answered by  | 20th Jun, 2011, 12:18: PM

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