what is difference between electric potential and potential difference?

Asked by  | 12th Aug, 2009, 09:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Consider a charge +Q at origin if we bring a small test charge +q from infinity to say a distance x units on x-axis, (which we label as point A) we have to do work against the force of repulstion between these two charges. The work done is stored as potential energy, U, of the two charges. If we divide this potential energy by the test charge, we get the potential at point A.

So Potential at the point of charge = Potential Energy of charge configuation/charge (SI Unit, J/C = V)

Since we now can calculate potential at a given point, the potential difference is simply the difference of potentials at any two such given points.




Answered by  | 14th Aug, 2009, 10:07: AM

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