What is difference between crystalline solid and amorphous solid? 

Asked by hasanali.ali986 | 1st Apr, 2015, 08:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Difference between crystalline solids and amorphous solids:

Crystalline solids 
Amorphous solids 
Crystalline solids have definite and regular geometry and have long range as well as short range order of constituent particles.
In case of amorphous solids the particles in the constituent are arranged irregularly. They do not have any definite geometry and have short range order. 
Crystalline solids posses high melting points. 
They are devoid of sharp melting points. 
External regularity is present when crystalline solids are formed. No external regularity is seen when amorphous solids are formed.
They give a clean surface after cleavage with knife.
Usually the amorphous solids exhibit irregular cut.
They have definite heat of fusion. Amorphous solids do not possess any particular heat of fusion.
Crystalline solids are very rigid and their molecules cannot be deformed by mild distorting force. Amorphous solids do not exhibit rigidity. Deformation could be done by bending or compressing them.
Crystalline solids are considered as true solid. Amorphous solids are considered as super cooled liquids or also pseudo solids.
Crystalline solids display anisotropism. Amorphous solids display isotropism. 


Answered by Arvind Diwale | 2nd Apr, 2015, 09:22: AM