what is dielectric current

Asked by komalshakatawat18 | 19th Sep, 2021, 05:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Dielectric materials are electrical insulators. There are no free charges to move in dielectric materials .
All the electrons are bound to atoms, there is no movement of electrons or any other free charges.
Hence there is no such thing as dielectric current.
It may be required to know displacement current.  
Displacement current ID is defined by Maxwell as , ID = ε (dE/dt) A  . 
Displacement current occurs while charging capacitor. Change in electric field with respect to time
induces dispalcement current as given by above equation. In above equation of displacement current ,
ε is permittivity of dielectric material , E is electric field and A is area of capacitor plates .

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 19th Sep, 2021, 07:12: PM