What is cytopyge , oral groove , micronucleus , macronucleus , cytosome , ectoplasm , endo plasm

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Expert Answer:

Cytopyge is a fixed point for waste discharge in the body of a protozoan, especially a ciliate.

Oral groove helps in the collects food until it is swept into the cell mouth. The paramecium has an external oral groove lined with cilia and leading to a mouth pore and gullet.

When 2 nuclei are present of different sizes, the larger one is the macronucleus and the smaller one is the micronucleus. Macronucleus is the larger nucleus in ciliate protozoans, which performs normal cell functions. 

Micronucleus is the smaller nucleus which is responsible for cell division. It contains a single copy of the genome that is used for sexual reproduction

Cytosome is the body of a cell apart from its nucleus.

Ectoplasm is the outer layer of the cytoplasm of a cell. It is the outer portion of the continuous phase of cytoplasm of a cell, sometimes distinguishable as a somewhat rigid, gelled layer beneath the cell membrane.

Endoplasm is the inner portion of the cytoplasm of a cell.


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