what is conjunctiva memberane? what are its functions?

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The conjunctiva is a transparent mucous membrane that covers the scelra, which is the white of the eye.The conjunctiva lines the inner surfaces of the eyelids. Comprised of many small blood vessels, the tiny secretory glands in the conjunctiva produce tear film that lubricates and protects the eye while it moves in its socket. When the eye is irritated, injured, or infected, these blood vessels dilate making the white part of the eye look red.

Bacteria and virus can inflame the conjunctiva, often leading to a condition called conjunctivitis. The conjunctiva produces mucous, a clear viscous fluid that lubricates the eyeball, as well as produces some tears, which helps keep the eye clean. However, most tears are produced by the lacrimal glands, which are located at the upper outer corners of each orbit, and spread a smooth layer of mucous and tears over the eye every time you blink. After you blink, the fluid spreads evenly over the eye and then flows into tiny canals in the lids that lead to the lacrimal sac, a pouch at the lower inner corner of each orbit. The mucous and tears from the lacrimal glands and the conjunctiva eventually drain through a passage into the nose.

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