1. What is chyme?
  2. Name the enzyme present in infants but may be absent in adults?
  3. What is theeacent of sap?
  4. State the function of Epiglottis?
  5. What is the role of intercoastal muscles in respiration and where are they found

Asked by tanishqa.rathod | 2nd May, 2015, 06:47: PM

Expert Answer:

1. A thick semifluid mass of partially digested food that is formed in the stomach and intestine during digestion.
2. Chymosin
3. The upward movement of water from the stem base to tree top is called ascent of sap.
4. Epiglottis acts as a switch between the larynx and the oesophagus to permit air to enter the airway to the lungs and food to pass into the gastrointestinal tract.
5. The intercostal muscles help move and make up the wall of the chest and helps in inhalation and exhalation and are located between the ribs.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 4th May, 2015, 08:18: AM

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