What is cell lumen? Explain the different types of sclerenchyma.

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Expert Answer:

The inner open space or cavity of a cell is referred to as cell lumen.
Types of sclerenchyma-
1. Sclereids
2. Fibres
  • Sclereids: The cells are irregular in shape. The cell walls are thick, hard and lignified which makes the lumen very small. Simple pits (canals) are found in the thickened cell walls and link adjacent cells. Sclereids are commonly found in fruit and seeds.
  • Fibres: The cells are needle-shaped with pointed tips, thick walls and rather small lumen. Secondary cell walls, impregnated with, are formed. Simple pits are also present. Fibres are abundant in the vascular tissue of angiosperms, i.e. flowering plants.
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