what is callose?is callose present around the generative nucleus in microspore?

Asked by Atul Singh | 21st Apr, 2018, 12:06: AM

Expert Answer:

Callose is a specialized polysaccaride and is a major cell wall component in plants which plays a major role in the reproductive biology of angiospermsMicrospore nucleus divides mitotically to form a smaller generative cell lying next to spore wall and a much larger vegetative cell. A callose layer is deposited around the generative cell. The generative cell loses its contact with the wall of microspore and becomes free in the cytoplasm. The callose layer than dissolves. The pollen grains are shed from the anther at this bicelled stage 

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 21st Apr, 2018, 03:32: PM