What is Biot - Savart law. (in the form of a statement please)

Asked by pksunilnair | 3rd Oct, 2017, 03:08: PM

Expert Answer:

The Biot–Savart Law is an equation in electromagnetism that describes the magnetic field B generated by an electric current. The vector field B depends on the magnitude, direction, length, and proximity of the electric current, and also on a fundamental constant called the magnetic constant. The law is valid in the magnetostatic approximation, and results in a B field consistent with both Ampère's circuital law and Gauss's law for magnetism The Biot–Savart law is used to compute the magnetic field generated by a steady current, i.e. a continual flow of charges, for example through a wire, which is constant in time and in which charge is neither building up nor depleting at any point.
The equation is as follows:
begin mathsize 12px style dB space equals space fraction numerator straight mu subscript straight o over denominator 4 straight pi end fraction straight i fraction numerator dl with rightwards arrow on top cross times straight r with rightwards arrow on top over denominator straight r cubed end fraction end style     

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 3rd Oct, 2017, 04:16: PM