What is bessemerisation and anneling? 

Asked by chatterjee.chaitalichat | 4th Feb, 2020, 09:59: PM

Expert Answer:

1) Bessemerisation:
In the process of Bessemerisation, air is blown into molten matte with silica. So, by self reduction CuS gets reduced to Cu but at same time, FeS also gets converted to FeO but to avoid further reaction, silica is added.
FeO + SiO2 → FeSiO3 (Slag)
                     Thomas slag
By this, molten copper gets separated out.
2) Annealing:

Heat treatment given to a substance is called annealing. In annealing the substance is first heated to some predetermined temperature and then slowly cooled down to room temperature. Annealing increases the elasticity of the material.

Answered by Ramandeep | 5th Feb, 2020, 11:40: AM