what is azimuthal quantum number?

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The Azimuthal quantum number is a quantum number for an atomic orbital that determines its orbital angular momentum.


The Azimuthal quantum number is denoted by the letter 'l'. The value of azimuthal quantum number gives the shape of the sub shell or orbital. So it is also called as orbital quantum number.
The value of 'l' gives the sub level or sub shell in a given principal energy shell to which the electron belongs. It can have only positive integral values from zero to (n-1) where 'n' is the principal quantum number. The various sub shell values of l are also designated by the letters s, p, d, f,
For any main energy level, the energies of the sub shell follow the order s > p > d > f.
n = 1 l = 0 there is only one sub shell 1s

n = 2 l = 0,1 there are two sub shells- 2s, 2p

n = 3 l = 0,1,2  there are three sub shells -3s, 3p and 3d

n =4 l = 0,1,2,3 there are  four sub shells 4s, 4p, 4d and  4f

Thus for each value of 'n' there are 'n' values of 'l'.

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