what is anbacklash error?

Asked by dhruvassaravana | 25th Apr, 2017, 09:51: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Backlash is the term used most often in various fields of science like mechanical engineering and measurement.
  • The undesired motion which occurs due to minute design or operating failure which further results in faulty outcome or reading for the mechanical instruments is known as backlash error.

Backlash in Gear:

  • A Gear is supposed to transfer the motion by meshing with the tooth of another gear.
  • However while meshing, due to tooth wearing off or faulty design, there forms a residual space giving room to the unnecessary motion of one gear tooth within another.
  • This unnecessary motion due to additional space developed in gears is called as backlash error in gears.

Backlash in measuring instruments like screw gauge:

  • Backlash in measuring instruments like screw gauge or vernier calliper is due to slipping of vernier when an operator slides such moving parts of measuring instruments very quickly.
  • This results in faulty readings and therefore induce error in calculations. 

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 26th Apr, 2017, 11:51: AM