what is a polar and a non-polarsolvent??

Asked by indrayani | 25th Aug, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Polar solvents, like water, have molecules in which one end of the molecule is more positive than the other
Nonpolar solvents, like carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), benzene (C6H6), and diethyl ether ( CH3CH2OCH2CH3), have molecules whose electric charges are equally distributed and are not miscible with water.
 Polar solvents are water loving that is hydrophilic but non-polar solvents are oil loving that is, lipophilic.
Like dissolves like
 Polar reactants will dissolve in polar solvents. Non-polar solvents dissolve non-polar compounds best.

Answered by  | 26th Aug, 2010, 09:59: AM

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