What is a GMO? List any 5 possible advantages of a GMO to a farmer.

Asked by pksunilnair | 2nd Oct, 2017, 09:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered or modified using genetic engineering techniques to favour the expression of desired genes. GMO is a transgenic organism.

Genetically Modified organisms (GMOs) are the effective ways to provide the farmers a larger profit while making them spend less time on the resources. 

Advantages of GMOs for a farmer:

  • GMOs are known to decrease the food prices due to the advanced crops and lower cost that can lead to cheaper food.
  • The GMO process includes adding new genetic material into the organism’s genome. GMOs are more nourishing to the body and they are proven to be effective. GMOs crops are safe for the human consumption and they are safer compared to the traditional crops.
  • GMO crops increase the genetic alterations knowledge and it makes the genes in the crops more advantageous for the human consumption and production. The plants will be temperature resistant or produce higher yields. It offers greater genetic diversity in different regions where the climate limits the productivity.
  • GMO crops planted add the nutritional value to the crops that lack necessary vitamins and nutrients. GMOs offer increased flavor and nutrition. Along with the resistance to the insects and the diseases, they will help the malnourished populations receive more nutrients from their diet.
  • Genetically modified crops offer the stable and efficient way to sustain enough crops to feed the growing population of the people in the world.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 3rd Oct, 2017, 11:39: AM