what in a candle produces flame? is it the wick or the wax..? can the wax only(without a wick) produce a flame on burning?

Asked by rhinithaa | 21st Nov, 2010, 10:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
A candle wick works by capillary action, drawing ("wicking") the fuel to the flame. When the liquid fuel, typically melted candle wax, reaches the flame it then vaporizes and burns. The candle wick influences how the candle burns.The major product of the combustion of wax in a candle flame is carbon dioxide. 

There will also be some monoxide produced but if the product gases are passed through limewater then the limewater rapidly turns milky to show the presence of CO2.
We hope that clarifies your query.

Answered by  | 22nd Nov, 2010, 08:33: AM

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