What happens when a Meteorites falls on the Earth?

Asked by manishasain28 | 25th Dec, 2018, 09:21: PM

Expert Answer:

When meteoroids enters eath's surface they start to glow due to heating caused due to friction. These bodies are known as meteors or shooting stars. Sometimes when these meteors survive the heat and is able to travel through all layers of atmosphere and part of it reaches the Earth's surface. Then these are called meteorites. The meteorites may occur in different size. Most of the meteorites which are found on the Earth are pebbles to fist size. However, some are very huge that could cause a destruction of area covering distance of about 1 km. One such destruction has occured 65 million years ago in Arizona. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 28th Dec, 2018, 11:57: AM