what happens to all the orgenells at the time of cell division?

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Expert Answer:

During interphase of cell division, the cell is in a non-dividing condition, during which it replicates its DNA and organelles. At the start of prophase, the organelles disintegrate and later reform at the time of telophase. Golgi body breaks down prior to mitosis and reassembles in the daughter cells. During prophase the nucleolus disppears and the nuclear envelope breaks down. The centrioles migrate to the poles and spindle forms.

An important organelle in mitosis is the centrosome, the microtubule organizing center. The centrosomes will be pushed apart to opposite ends of the cell nucleus by the action of molecular motors acting on the microtubules. The nuclear envelope breaks down to allow the microtubules to reach the kinetochores on the chromosomes.

During the telophase stage, nucleus and other organelles reappear.

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