What gravity can be increase or decrease by any mean

Asked by priyanshuraval1207.7sdatl | 21st Apr, 2020, 06:10: PM

Expert Answer:

This question has been answered previously. 
But it seems that you are not satisfied by the answer given to you.  
So, I assume that the question is  -"What gravity can increase or decrease?"
Answer to this question is - 
Weight is the force with which the earth attracts a body towards its centre. 
Weight, W  = mass × acceleration due to gravity 
Thus, W = m×g

So, gravity can increase or decrease the value of weight of a body. 
For example, if mass of body is 30 kg. 
Then its weight on the Earth will be 
W  = 30 × 9.8 = 294 N 
But, if you are asked to calculate the weight of the same body at centre of the Earth then it will be zero. Because the value of 'g' i.e. gravity is zero at centre of earth. 
Thus, Weight of body at centre of earth, WC = 30 × 0 =0 N
Hence, we can say that weight of an object can increase or decrease depending upon the gravity at that particular place. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 21st Apr, 2020, 06:30: PM