What does Voltage basically mean? physically what does it mean? i am not able to understand. like current means flow of charges. what does voltage actually mean? i dont want the definition. i want to know what it actually means? and also difference between emf & voltage & potential difference & potential drop?

Asked by Abhishek Wagle | 24th Jun, 2014, 05:50: PM

Expert Answer:

The Voltage at certain point under an electric field is the amount of work done to bring a charge of 1 C at that point against that electric field.

For example if a voltage at some point is 5 volt, it means that 5 joules of work is done to bring a positive charge of 1C to that point.

Voltage and potential refers to the same quantity.

The voltage or potential varies with the distance. The difference in potential at two points is called the potential difference.

It means amount of work that has to be done to move the charge of 1C from one point to other point.

In a cell or battery, there are two electrodes at different potential. The electrode having rich source of electrons is at negative potential while the electrode lacking electrons is at positive potential.

Hence the difference between the two electrodes potential in a cell in an open circuit is called EMF.

Potential drop is again same as potential difference.

Answered by Ravindra Kapal | 2nd Jul, 2014, 06:22: PM