What does permutation means?

Asked by Dhruva Vinay | 10th May, 2014, 04:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Lets take an example
 Three trains A, B and C run between two stations and the schedule maker has to give slot for trains. How many ways he can do that? 
This is basically a probelm of permutation, where the arrangement of the trains are required keeping in mind the order.

The trains can be arranged like  {A,B,C} {A,C,B} {B,A, C} {B,C,A} {C,A,B} {C,B,A} . The total 6 ways. 
In the mathematical term, it is denoted by 3! = 6
and if the order of things is not imoprtant, then its a combination.

Answered by Avinash Soni | 10th May, 2014, 05:39: PM