1. What do you understand by environment?  What are the components of the environment?
  2. DESCRIBE the pathway followed by fats when taken inthe form of food in the body.
  3. What is tissue culture? Why it is called micropropagation? Give the advantage of tissue culture,.
  4. Name 2 compounds haing iconic as well as covalent bond.
  5. A metal nitrate A on heating gives yellowish brown coloured metal along with brown gas B and a colorless gas C.Aqueous  solution of A on reacting with potassium iodide forms a yellow precipitate I of compond D . Indentify A B C & D. Also  indentify the types of reactions taking place. Metal present in A is used in soldering purpose.



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Expert Answer:

Digestion of fats in the body:
  • Fats can be digested with the help of bile released from the liver.
  • Fats are present in the intestine in the form of large globules, which makes it difficult for the enzymes to act on them.
  • Bile salts present in the bile break fats into smaller globules to increase the action of enzymes. This process is known as emulsification.
  • Later, lipase acts on the emulsified fats and breaks them down into fatty acids and glycerol.
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