What do you mean by significane of the terms "isolated gaseous atoms " and ground state while defining ionisation enthalpy and electron gain enthalpy

Asked by yasho1710 | 30th Sep, 2010, 09:53: AM

Expert Answer:

Isolated means set or kept apart from others and we detached an atom from the set of group of atom( as an elements consist of so many atoms in it ) and study about the ionisation energy and electron gain enthalpy of that atom is termed as "isolated gaseous atom".
Ground state is the state of a physical system having the lowest possible potential energy. For example, an electron in the lowest energy orbital in a hydrogen atom is in a ground state. The ground state of a physical system tends to be stable unless energy is applied to it from the outside; states that are not the ground state have a tendency to revert to the ground state, giving off energy in the process. Compare excited state.

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