what do you mean by a turgid condition?

Asked by pritam | 22nd Jun, 2009, 08:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Turgid condition is a state of being rigid or swollen as a result of internal water pressure. Turgid and flaccid are terms that only apply to cells with cell walls, such as plant cells. The vacuole in a turgid plant cell contains the maximum amount of water. The water has entered by osmosis, because the vacuole is hypertonic to the solution outside the cell.

Turgor pressure or turgidity is the main pressure of the cell contents against the cell wall in plant cells and bacteria cells, determined by the water content of the vacuole, resulting from osmotic pressure. Turgid plant cells contain more water than flaccid cells and exert a greater osmotic pressure on its cell walls.

Answered by  | 24th Jun, 2009, 09:54: AM

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