what do we meant by phase? and polarity?

Asked by roopeshwarsnk597 | 23rd Oct, 2013, 05:42: PM

Expert Answer:


Phase is basically the angular displacement of a particle.

For example,

y =A sin(?t - kx + ? )

The quantity (?t - kx + ?) is called the phase of the wave. The phase determines the displacement of the wave at any position and at any instant.



Polarity is defined as the property in a species like a molecule, or compound through which they are either attracted or repelled by an electric charge because of an asymmetrical arrangement of electropositive or electronegative atoms around the center of the species.

In simple words, polarity is the unsymmetrical distribution of charge on a molecule or compound so that there arises a negative and a positive pole. The species having polarity are called as dipole and must have a resultant dipole moment.

The best example of polarity is found in ionic compounds which have a negative and a positive charge centers and in some covalent compounds too which have difference in the electro-negativity of attached groups. These covalent compounds are known as polar covalent compounds.







Answered by Faiza Lambe | 24th Oct, 2013, 09:18: AM

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