What are the ways of comparing a line segment?

Asked by Topperlearning User | 4th Jun, 2014, 01:23: PM

Expert Answer:

A line segment can be measured in the following ways:

(i) Comparison by observation: By just looking at the  line segments you can tell which one is longer.


(ii)  Comparison by Tracing: To compare and , we use a tracing paper, trace and place the traced segment on . Then, we decide which is longer.


(iii) Comparison using Ruler and a Divider: Open the divider. Place the end point of one of its arms at A, and the end-point of the second arm at B. Take care that opening of the divider is not disturbed, lift the divider and place it on the ruler. Ensure that one end point is at the zero mark of the ruler. Now read the

mark against the other end point. This gives length of . Similarly find and then compare the two.

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