What are the various ways by which soil formation takes place?

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Expert Answer:

Formation – soil formation occur by any of the following processes.
By the involvement ofSun – I) Day  time - Heat of sun expand rocks ( but different parts expand differently depending upon the amount of heat they have received) 
II) Night time - rocks cool down & contract which leads to the formation of cracks and beakage of rocks. 
By the involvement of Water –
I) Water enters cracks so formed & may freezes inside them during winters, it leads to the widening of cracks.  
II) Fast flowing water of rivers may carry rock pieces which collide with other pieces in the way to break them further, they may be deposited as silt & form soil. 
c) Wind – Strong wind may erode rocks down.  Wind also carries sand from one place to other.
d) Living organisms Lichens grow over the surface of rocks  &          release certain substances powder down rock surface soil formation Mosses grow on this surface further breakage of rocks. More soil formation. Latter big trees are appear.

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