what are the rest of the enzymes which help in digestion ?

Asked by glakshmi | 6th Jun, 2009, 08:30: PM

Expert Answer:

i) Amylase (salivary and pancreatic) breaks starch (a polysaccharide) down to maltose (a disaccharide)

ii) Maltase completes the digestion of disaccharides and converts it into glucose.

iii) Pepsin, from stomach, breaks down proteins to peptides.

iv) Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, present in pancreatic juice, digest proteins to peptides.

v) In small intestine, peptidases complete the digestion of peptides to amino acids.

vi) Lipase digests fats to glycerol and fatty acids.

(HCl and mucus are not enzymes)

Answered by  | 7th Jun, 2009, 10:19: AM

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