what are the no of atoms in an edge centered unit cell and how to calculate for edge center?

Asked by Arghadeep | 15th Nov, 2014, 10:54: PM

Expert Answer:

In edge centered unit cell atoms are present at corners as well as at centers of each edges.

An edge atom and edge centered is general to four unit cells and there are twelve edges of the unit cell. The contribution from each edge atom is thus 1/4. The number of atoms per unit cell in edge centre is given by,

= (Nc/8) + (Ne/4)
= (8/8) + (12/4) 
= 4

The number of atoms per unit cell in such case is four. Three from 12 edges and 1 from eight corners

Ne = Number of atoms at the edge centre

Nc = Number of corners

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 17th Nov, 2014, 03:49: PM