what are the mechanical methods of controlling population?

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Expert Answer:

Mechanical methods of birth control are:

i) Male Condom 

ii) Female Condom

Both of these prevent the sperm from meeting the egg.

iii) Intrauterine Device (IUD) – a T-shaped device placed inside the uterus (by a doctor) which blocks the sperms from entry into the fallopian tubes

iv) Intrauterine System (IUS) – a device similarly designed and administered as the IUD which releases hormones that thicken the cervical mucus thus blocking sperms from entry into the uterus

v) Diaphragm, Cervical Cap, and Shield – latex or silicon cap used with spermicides which blocks the entry of sperms into the cervix

vi) Sponge – a soft, disk-shaped device that a woman wets and inserts into the vagina, and thus covering the cervix and blocking the sperms

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