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ICSE Class 9 Answered

What are the main impacts on India’s agriculture and industrial sector during the colonial period?
Asked by nitinmeena915 | 16 Feb, 2020, 12:36: AM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
Agriculture sector 
1. There was low productivity in the agricultural sector. 
2.High degree of uncertainity due to lack of irrigation facilties and heavy dependene on rainfall
3.Dominance of subsistence farming
4.Gulf betwwen owners of the soil and tillers this was due to the zamindari system.
5.Forced commercilisation of agriculture 

Industrial sector
1. There was discriminatory tariff polices affected India's foreign trade ezpecially India's famous handicraft industry
2. New patters of demand against the Indian products in favour of British products, as a result indian industry tended to perish
3. Competition from man-made products from Britain to the handicraft industry
Answered by Christina | 17 Feb, 2020, 04:31: PM
ICSE 9 - Economics Applications
Asked by nitinmeena915 | 16 Feb, 2020, 12:36: AM

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