What are the main features of nazism?

Asked by seeni2005 | 22nd Sep, 2015, 02:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Following were the main features of Nazism:
(1) According to Nazism, the private individual was subservient to the  political state and the state was answerable to the supreme leader of the people.

(2) The concept of 'lebensraum', wherein the German nation had to acquire newer and newer territories in order to exapnd the German empire. The achievement of the dream of a vast German empire and supremacy of the German nation was a top priority.

(3) Intermingling of races was looked upon as undesirable. For this, references of the works of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer were given. Nordic Germans were considered 'pure', whereas the Jews were seen as 'impure'.

(4) Democracy and communism in all its forms was to be abjured.

(4) A fundamental beleif in the superiority of the Aryan race.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 22nd Sep, 2015, 10:31: PM

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